Orban OPTIMOD-5700i Digital Processor

The Orban 5700i combines the features of the Orban 5700 and 8500s into one cost effective package.

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Item: 5700i


The 8500 Sound You Trust at a Price You Can Afford.

For years, broadcasters have trusted Optimod-FM 8500 to build audiences and ratings with its big, bold sound. Optimod-FM 5700 now offers the popular 8500 sound in a compact, cool-running 1U package at a more affordable price.
The 5700 provides stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting—everything that you need to compete in your market.
The front-panel display includes a 2x40-character LCD and LED bargraphs that show all metering functions of the processing structure (Two-Band or Five-Band) in use. The metering is always visible while you are adjusting the processor. Navigation is by dedicated buttons, soft buttons (whose functions are context-sensitive), and a large rotary knob.
Ethernet connectivity is standard, as is an easy to use PC remote control application that runs on Windows XP and higher and that can control many 5700 units on a TCP/IP network. Additionally, programmable contact-closure (GPI) control plus ACSII terminal control via the 5700’s RS232 serial and Ethernet ports together give you total freedom to interface the 5700 with your facility’s remote control infrastructure, whatever it might be. SNMP support offers yet another way to control and monitor the 5700’s operation via your network.
The FM and digital media processing paths split after the 5700’s stereo enhancer and AGC. There are two equalizers, multiband compressors, and peak limiters, allowing the analog FM and digital media processing to be optimized separately. The bottom line? Processing that optimizes the sound of your FM channel while punching remarkably crisp, clean, CD-like audio through to your digital channel audience.
More than 20 excellent sounding, format-specific factory presets get you started. You’ll find all of your favorite 8500 presets here. Although the factory presets are fully competent “out of the box,” you can customize them with easy one-knob LESS-MORE control or with more than 60 advanced controls whose versatility will satisfy even the most finicky on-air sound designer. If you have created custom presets for Optimod-FM 8500, 8400, 8300, 5500, or 5300, you’ll find that they import perfectly into the 5700, retaining your carefully designed sound.
If you choose to use the 5700’s superb DSP-based stereo encoder and composite limiter, be assured that they deliver an FM analog signal that is always immaculately clean and perfectly peak limited, with full spectral protection of sub-carriers and RDS/RBDS regardless of the amount of composite limiting.
The 5700 includes a “ratings encoder loop-through” connection. This allows a ratings encoder with an AES3 digital input and output to be inserted between the output of the left/right audio processing and the input of the stereo encoder. This keeps the audio level driving the ratings encoder as high as possible, minimizing the number of “low audio level” alarms that the ratings encoder generates.



• Legendary Orban multiband processing
• Dual processing paths Analog FM & HD Radio outputs each with user-selectable 2-band or 5-band processing, dedicated EQ, multiband compressors, and peak limiters, allowing the analog FM and digital media processing to be optimized separately
• Built-in stereo generator with Orban patented “half-cosine interpolation” composite limiter on dual composite outputs
• Fully featured RBDS/RDS encoder with dynamic PS
• Ratings encoder loop-through
• 512 K internal processing sample rate
• 16 seconds of internal audio delay for HD Radio diversity alignment
• Fully supports external diversity delay control from Belar or DaySequerra TimeLock monitors
• SNMP control and monitoring