Davicom DVLD-1 Lightning Detector

Davicom Lightning Detector including USB to RS-485 adapter (USB-RS485LD). NewBay Media’s NAB 2015 "Best of Show Award".

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Item: DVLD-1


The DVLD-1 is designed to give advanced warning of the presence and approach of potentially hazardous lightning activity in the vicinity of a transmission site.
It uses a sophisticated statistical algorithm to provide an estimation of the distance to the storm and to reject potential man-made disturbers.
When connected to a Davicom Remote Monitoring and Control Unit*, it can be used to switch to an auxiliary power source (UPS) or to temporarily shut down critical equipment during a thunderstorm.

The Lightning Detector is designed to work only with the Davicom Remote Monitoring & Control System.
The DVLD-1 has a 4-wire RS-485 interface and it is provided with the Davicom USB-RS485LD USB to RS-485 adapter.
The DVLD is powered from the Davicom unit USB port and is provided with a 15-meter long waterproof Cat5E cable.


  • Max. Detection Radius; 40 km
  • Detection steps; 14 steps from 40 km down to 1 km
  • Lightning type; Cloud-to-Ground, Cloud-to-Cloud
  • Power; (USB) 5V, 65mA

*requires firmware version 5.54 or higher.