Jampro JBVP-6 6 Bay Vertically Polarized FM Broadband Antenna

6 Bay Vertically Polarized FM Broadband Antenna. A side-mounted antenna consisting of balun fed vertical dipoles.

Max Input Power: 15 kW, Polarization: Vertical, Input Size: 3-1/8", VSWR: 1.25:1 over FM band, Estimated Gain: 6.6x / 8.19 dBd.

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Item: JBVP - 6


The JAMPRO JBVP is a vertically polarized broadband sidemount FM antenna consisting of a balun-fed vertical dipole, power divider and heliax coaxial feed lines.
The JBVP vertical dipole antenna is constructed of a stainless steel element and brass inner conductor. All associated brackets are made of hot dipped galvanized steel for many years of dependable service. The JAMPRO vertically polarized FM array is completely assembled and factory tuned on a similar tower structure to ensure proper impedance match and low VSWR.



  • Vertically Polarized
  • Excellent VSWR Bandwidth (1.25:1 over 6 MHz)
  • Frequency Range 88-108 MHz
  • Power Handling 2.5kW Per Bay - HIGH POWER HANDLING AVAILABLE
  • Finest Broadband Feed System Developed
  • Rugged Mechanical Construction and Mounting
  • Stainless Steel Elelment and Marine Brass Inner for LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE


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