Jampro JLLP-2 2 Bay Low Power FM Antenna

The JAMPRO JLLP low power antenna designed specifically for lower power FM applications and constructed of high strength marine brass.

Max Input Power: 2 kW, Estimated Gain: 1.0x / 0.0 dBd, Input Size: 7/8", VSWR: 1.1:1 + 150 kHz.

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Item: JLLP-2


The JAMPRO JLLP antenna has been designed to meet the needs of low power and educational stations that require excellent performance on a low budget.

This antenna uses the same basic design as the JAMPRO PENETRATOR series of side-mount antennas, which set the industry standard for FM antennas. By using an external and non-pressurized feed system, manufacturing costs are kept to a minimum. Each bay is fed with flexible cable. Configurations with two or more bays are fed through a power divider and cable system which has a 7/8" EIA flange input (female). The antenna elements are constructed of high strength marine brass. The JLLP antenna is easily assembled by the customer, thus keeping costs even lower.


Options Available

  • Deicers
  • FCC Directionalization
  • Reduced RF Arrays
  • Pattern Measurement Study
  • Custom Mounting Brackets
  • Electrical Beam Tilt
  • Null Fill