BW Broadcast Combo System Special

With products on the air all around the world, BW Broadcast is an internationally recognised brand.

The TX300 FM Transmitter and the DSPXtra-FM Audio Processor - an effective combination!

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Item: BW Combo System


BW Broadcast delivers innovative, reliable and efficient equipment, perfect for your station.

The most popular 300W FM transmitter in the world, the TX300 can be found in LPFM stations, community stations, emergency broadcast kits, military applications and as a truly reliable back-up transmitter or exciter for national broadcasters. Whatever the application, the TX300 will take it in its stride. Now with built in DSPX Audio Processing!


TX300 Features

  • Compact lightweight unit
  • Universal mains input
  • Mosfet power design
  • Harmonic filter
  • Dual speed PLL
  • Digital stereo encoder
  • Built in DSPX multiband audio processor
  • LCD graphics display
  • Fan cooled
  • Dual system RS232 control
  • Loop through / External MPX Switchable settings
  • RF power control
  • VSWR and overheat protection
  • FCC certified / RTTE-CE compliant
  • FSK ID Keyer option (for translator usage)


TX300 Specifications

  • Audio Input Levels; -10dB to +18dB for limiting
  • Audio Input Connectors; XLR Balanced (RF shielded)
  • Input CMRR; > 60dB
  • Audio Distortion; better than 0.1% at limiting 1 kHz (clarity mode)
  • Frequency Response; 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB (0 us Pre-emphasis)
  • Limiter Control Range; >22dB (0 us Pre-emphasis)
  • Input Impedance; 10k Ohm
  • Pre-Emphasis; 50 and 75 us (jumper selectable)
  • Audio Processing; DSPX 4-band processing
  • Clipping and Filtering; DSPX 4-band processing
  • Subcarrier Generation; Microprocessor Generated (oversampled)
  • Pilot; 19kHz +/- 1 Hz (adjustable)
  • Pilot Generation; Microprocessor Generated (oversampled)
  • MPX Output; BNC
  • Output Level; 0dB
  • 15 kHz Filtering; >40dB at 19kHz
  • 15kHz OS Filter Clipping; On or Off
  • Spurious Signals; >80 kHz >60dBr, >160 kHz >80dBr
  • Stereo Separation; >60dB (20Hz-15kHz)
  • Frequency Range; 87.5 - 108 MHz
  • Freq’cy Selection Internal switches; Front Panel or RS232 control menu
  • Frequency Stability; +/- 200 Hz (fine adjustment available)
  • Frequency Control Type; Dual Speed Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
  • RF Connector; N-Type (50 Ohm)
  • Harmonics; better than 75 dBc
  • Spurious; better than 85 dBc VSWR Fold Back above 2.1
  • MPX Input; BNC Connector
  • MPX Input Response; +/- 0.3dB 5 Hz to 100 kHz
  • MPX Input Level; -10dB to +10dB (adjustable)
  • Modulation; Direct Frequency Modulation
  • Synchronous AM Noise; 0.31% (at normal deviation)
  • Asynchronouse AM Noise; 0.18% (at centre frequency of 97.7MHz)
  • Control System; 3 -Buttons 128x32 Graphics Display External Control
  • Monitor; 9W RS232 D type
  • 9W alarms D type; D type
  • Voltage Input; 85-260 VAC (50-60Hz)
  • Power Connector; IEC,FUSED and Switchable
  • SMPS Approvals; UL/TUV/CE
  • Size; 480mm x 89mm x 305mm
  • Weight; 5kg
  • Cooling; dual 80mm long life fans
  • Power Output; 25W - 350W adjustable


No other FM processor, at any price, has both a BW Broadcast six-band look-ahead limiter and an integrated Ariane RMS leveller. The DSPXtra-FM gives you a competitive edge-and builds listenership and revenue-by enabling you to achieve the tailored sound and loudness needed to make your station distinctive.


DSPXtra-FM Features

  • Dual processing path enabled for simultaneous FM & Digital processing
  • 22 24-bit DSP's provide over 1 GIGA-MIPS of processing
  • Comprehensive BLUE LED audio metering and screen
  • Digital and Analogue IO
  • Ariane intelligent RMS leveller
  • Multi-Band program dependent Limiting
  • Multi-Band look ahead limiting and distortion cancelled clipping
  • DSP stereo encoder with composite clipping control
  • USB front panel interface , RS232 back panel interface
  • TCP/IP Net interface
  • Real time clock for preset scheduling
  • Remote trigger port
  • Full Range of User Presets with A/B Switching
  • Security (password) Control
  • Software ‘FLASH’ Upgradable
  • ITU BS.412 power limiter
  • Pilot protection filter


DSPXtra-FM Specifications

  • Analog input
    • Nom. input level; -12 to +12dBu
    • Max input level; +24dBu
    • Connectors; XLR floating,EMI suppressed
    • A/D conversion; 24 bit 48 Khz 128x oversampled
  • Analog output
    • Analog output; -12 to +24dBu
    • Connectors; XLR floating,EMI suppressed
    • D/A conversion; 24 bit 48 Khz 128x oversampled
  • Digital input (AES/EBU)
    • Sampling rate; 32-96 KHz
    • Connector; XLR floating,EMI suppressed
  • Digital output (AES/EBU)
    • Sampling rate; 32, 44.1, 48 KHz
    • Connector; XLR floating, EMI suppressed
  • Digital sync input (AES/EBU)
    • Sampling rate; 32-96 KHz
    • Connector; XLR floating, EMI suppressed
  • Stereo encoder
    • Output level; 0 to +12dBu
    • Connector; BNC, floating
    • D/A; 24 bit 768 KHz
    • Stereo seperation; 32-96 KHz
    • Sca input; BNC floating
    • Pilot output; BNC, 5V
  • Remote interface
    • USB; USB B connector (front panel)
    • RS232; DB9 (rear panel)
    • Remote; DB9 opto isolated and floating
    • NET/LAN; RJ45 EMI shielded
  • Other
    • Power; 85-265 VAC 50-60Hz
    • Size; 44mm x 482mm x 200mm
    • Weight; 1.6 Kg


BW Broadcast Combo System Special