16 mic/Line + 3 stereo 12 mix outputs, digital mixer, 4 efx engines, onboard recording, usb interface 17 x motorized faders, Rack Mountable, 16 Channel Automatic Mic Mixing, "Chrome Edition".


Rackmount digital mixing system expandable to 38 x 28, 5.5" touch screen, 15 soft keys, 16 user mix select keys, USB I/O, dSnake, QU-Drive, 16 Channels Automatic Mic Mixing.


6-Button / Up-Down Cursor Wall Remote - Single Gang Box. The neWR-5 is powered via POE or a local wall-wart power supply.

The POE injector is not included.


8-Channel Wall-Mount Remote Level Controller


Dual Control Decora Wall Remote - Single Gang Box


4-Position Preset/Recall Wall Remote - Single Gang Box


Programmable Multi-Function Decora Wall Remote


The DTD-16 Plus is a full-featured DTMF tone/sequence decoder that is user programmable to decode single tones or sequences up to six tones in length and maybe assigned to any one of eight SPST normally open relays, eight open collectors and/or the USB serial port.


The DTE-16 Plus is a feature rich DTMF tone/sequence encoder that is user programmable to encode tone sequences up to 15 characters in length or a single tone via any one of 16 contact closure inputs and/or commands from the USB COM port.


Provides four channels of microphone control, monitor source selection and monitor muting, allowing popular “Live Music” audio mixers to be used in a broadcast and/or production environment.


Broadcast Tools Silence Sentinel Standard Monitor is designed to monitor any two stereo analog audio source for silence and/or an out of phase condition.


Remote site monitoring using the internet.


The Smart Relay 4 provides four independent DPDT relay and eight optically isolated 5 to 24vdc wet or dry inputs.


Serial Remote Control—16 In / 16 Out—Expandable to 64x64.


The SRC-4 is an RS-232/GPIO interface with 4 opto-isolated GPI’s and 4 SPDT relay outputs.


The Status Sentinel®16 is a robust, full-featured; Ethernet based data acquisition device with sixteen logic-level (status) inputs.


4 Channel Web and Voice Remote Control. TempSensor Included.


The WVRC-8 Plus is the next generation web-enabled site remote control with dial-up voice capability. Has eight channels with email alarms, logging, event scheduling and macros. The WVRC-8 Plus is Smart phone enabled and included one TempSensor. Fits in a standard rack space.


Option.  Additional power supply for AC-12 Europe.


Dial-up DTMF operated control & audio interface. Auto answer & hang up.(remote broadcasts, listen & concert lines 10 relays to control stuff) Includes detachable rack mount. Available Options: CP-1, Silencer


Microprocessor controlled programmable DTMF sequence decoder with 8 relay outputs. Available Options: Silencer, RM-01, RM-02


Allows contact closures to trigger multi-station tests using Sage ENDECs. Available Options: RM-01


Programmable DTMF encoder/generator. Operates from RS-232, contact closures, or included software. Adjustable DTMF spacing & duration. Available Options: RM-01, RM-02


Dial up Remote Broadcast VIA POTS or cell phone 2.5mm. Mic/Line Input & Aux I/O. Dual limiters for superb audio.


25/35/50/75 Hz subaudible tone encoder w/balanced output. Available Options: RM-01


Rack tray option holds up to two half-rack products such as Transcon-16, etc. Holds up to three 1/3 rack products


Option.  Spare PCB kit for the Sicon-8. Includes Voice Codec, Relay PCB, Web Server & MPC-4


Removes DTMF from any audio line. Stand alone audio delay & DTMF mute. 7kHz bandwidth. Available Options: RM-01, RM-02


Removes DTMF from a STEREO audio line. Unbal. 3.5mm I/O audio delay & DTMF mute. 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth. 16 bit audio.
Available Options: SHELF-1

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