ON AIR RADIO is a carefully thought out package consisting of the best broadcast has to offer!


The iLok smart key is a proprietary USB dongle that holds licenses for software protected with InterLok. The iLok allows your customers to carry multiple licenses on a portable device.


Self-contained remote AC power controller with two electrical outlets and a built-in web server, temp probe, remote contact control and scheduling. Universal AC input.


Optional humidity/temp sensor for AC Power Sentinel 2 Plus Only.


Rack Mount for AC Power Sentinel 2 and Plus.


Optional temp sensor for AC Power Sentinel 2 Plus only.


The Broadcast Tools® ACS 16.2 provides matrix audio switching of 16 stereo inputs to 2 stereo outputs.


8x2 Stereo Audio Control Matrix Switcher--VU meters & Fade.


The GPI-16 Plus interfaces 16 general purpose logic inputs to users PC COM or USB port.


The GPIO-32+2 interfaces 32 general purpose logic inputs and the control of two independent SPDT relays to a users PC USB port.


Web-based 4 input/4 relay remote control interface with email, and logging.


Allows remote control of equipment over the web (16-SS relays) with email, and logging.


Remote site monitoring using the internet. 16 channels with email, logging, scheduling and macros. Includes one TempSensor.


Wide Orbit Automation for Radio 3.0 is the industry’s most modern and powerful radio automation system, making sure radio stations are on the air and sounding great every minute of every day.

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