The Harris PR&E World Feed Panel with USB (WFPII-USB) allows any portable audio device to be quickly connected into the “House System” using pre-assigned inputs and outputs on a Harris PR&E audio console or on an audio management system I-O card.
The WFPII-USB panel connects to the House System using balanced analog inputs and outputs, AES/EBU inputs and outputs, or both analog and digital connections.


Part of the GatesAir PR&E® portfolio, Oasis™ is a high-value, true standalone audio console for on-air and radio production applications. Enables any two faders on an Oasis Console to provide Telco/Codec functionality and related Mix Minus busses.


Single Fader Panel, headphone level.


Single width 6 inch fader panel for use with PRE99-1214-XX series Headphone Panels.


Additional (redundant) Power Supply w/ DC Cable.


 Additional (redundant) Line Lump 48 Volt Power Supply.


Headphone Jack Panel with volume control, skirt mount.


Headphone Jack Panel with volume control, flange mount.


The GatesAir PR&E® headphone distribution system delivers a clever combination of a high-performance headphone amplifier, flexible input switching and an assortment of control panels.



RMXD Universal Dual Fader Input Module.


Blank Panel, 14.25" length single position.


Blank Panel, 14.25" length dual position.


Divider kit for 6” blanks, 1 spaces wide.


Divider kit for 6” blanks, 2 spaces wide.


NetWave Dual Fader Network Upgrade Kit (Dual Router Kit).


Licensing Access Kits for VistaVue and VistaTouch.

Workflow Software for VistaMax Networks.

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