Designed for the aspiring solo musician, Fast Track Duo comes with everything you need to turn your Mac, PC, or iPad into a portable, easy-to-use songwriting and audio recording system.

Featuring dual mic preamps/instrument inputs, line-level inputs, and Pro Tools Express software, the studio-grade Duo enables you to sound your best, providing an easy entry into Pro Tools, the music industry standard.


The iLok smart key is a proprietary USB dongle that holds licenses for software protected with InterLok. The iLok allows your customers to carry multiple licenses on a portable device.


Work faster in your Pro Tools environment with direct access to primary transport and editing functions. 


Remote site monitoring using the internet.


The Smart Relay 4 provides four independent DPDT relay and eight optically isolated 5 to 24vdc wet or dry inputs.


Serial Remote Control—16 In / 16 Out—Expandable to 64x64.


The SRC-4 is an RS-232/GPIO interface with 4 opto-isolated GPI’s and 4 SPDT relay outputs.


.Portable Digital-to-Analog Converter with Analog & Coaxial Digital Outputs.


Pedalboard 9V adapter cable kit includes 3 each: 3.5mm/1.2mm; 2 each: 3.5mm/3.5mm; 1 each: 9V Battery Cable Adapter.


Wide Orbit Automation for Radio 3.0 is the industry’s most modern and powerful radio automation system, making sure radio stations are on the air and sounding great every minute of every day.

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