"The complete channel strip for voice and instruments in recording, broadcast and live sound applications."

Master Preamp and Input Processor; RPA Tube Mic Pre, Instrument D.I. input, Easyrider® Compressor,Logic-Assisted Gate, Universal De-Esser, Parametric EQ, Aural Exciter, Big Bottom®, BNC word clock I/O.


Microphone Pre-Amp Processor.


High Voltage 2 Ch. Tube Mic Preamp.


2 Ch. Tube Mic Pre w/ Dual Path (1/2U).


8 Channel Mic Pre w/ 44.1K and 48K Digital Output.


8-Channel A/D/A with recallable XMAX preamps.


Flexible, powerful and easy to use, the AirTools Voice Processor 2x is a programmable microphone processor that is the first choice of Chief Engineers to make the most of that crucial link between the microphone and the audience.

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