The Harris PR&E World Feed Panel with USB (WFPII-USB) allows any portable audio device to be quickly connected into the “House System” using pre-assigned inputs and outputs on a Harris PR&E audio console or on an audio management system I-O card.
The WFPII-USB panel connects to the House System using balanced analog inputs and outputs, AES/EBU inputs and outputs, or both analog and digital connections.


Hum Killer – Dual Channel - Passive – 1/4” TRS inputs and outputs.


Isolation Box – Dual Channel – Passive – 1/4” TRS, RCA, XLR inputs & outputs.


Audemat FM MC5 is a brand new FM measurement platform which they claim to be the most complete and accurate system available in today’s broadcast market. The system offers mobile RF coverage measurement and extensive modulation analysis in a single comprehensive system.


Behringer Automatic Feedback Destroyer with Integrated Microphone Preamp, Delay Line, Noise Gate and Compressor.


Stereo Analog to AES Digital Converter, 24 bit.


Analog stereo silence monitor with integrated 2x1 switcher, remote control inputs, contact closure alarm outputs.


This is a solution for AES digital audio switching of backup signals via the web or locally.



Connect-O- Adapter15— WWI IDC “MAX”, StarGuide.


Connect-O-Adapter 37—DB-37F to terminal block adapter with RS-232 DB-9 output for: ABC XDS, StarGuide II/III, WW1 IDC MAX. Added feature of a DB-9 serial connector for Netcue data.


Connect-O-Adapter 9—ABC XDS; WWI IDC “MAX”, StarGuide II/III Analog and AES Audio


The COP-2 provides an effective way to connect and adjust the audio outputs on XDS, WW1 MAX, NON-Option B SFX, StarGuide II and Starguide III receivers.


The COP-3 provides an effective way to connect and adjust the audio outputs on Option B SFX receivers used by NPR.


The GPIO-32+2 interfaces 32 general purpose logic inputs and the control of two independent SPDT relays to a users PC USB port.


The Broadcast Tools HR-1 provides passive headphone control.


Mounting plate for the AHR-1 Plus, HPA-2 and HP-1 with XLR mic connector hole.


Latching Relay 5-- 5 pole mechanical latching relay.


5 pole mechanical latching relay w /logic functions.


The Smart Relay 4 provides four independent DPDT relay and eight optically isolated 5 to 24vdc wet or dry inputs.


The Plus-X EM series monitors temperature, humidity, flood/leak, and many other conditions that can cause serious problems. Email, SMS and SNMP notifications ensure that responsible personnel can respond quickly and effectively.


Environmental problems at remote sites can cause costly downtime, damage expensive equipment, and even lead to loss of mission-critical data.


Semi-Production Item: RS-232 data input to 16 channel relay outputs. 1200 or 9600b data rate. Use with SRD-16 encoder for all data paths incl. Sattelite & Internet streams with data paths. Shelf-1 Option


Semi-Production Item: 16 channel optocoupled inputs to RS-232 serial data output. 1200 or 9600b data rate. Use with SRD-16 decoder for all data paths incl. Sattelite & Internet streams with data paths. Shelf-1 Option


The “Audio-Pod System” is a microprocessor controlled Microphone On-Off control system with an integrated headphone amplifier which is ideal for remote and talk studio applications.


The DM Engineering IFB Controller consists of a high quality low noise microphone pre-amplifier that bridges the main microphone circuitry and delivers a balanced line level output to your Codec for studio/remote site communications.


AutoSwitch solves two radio station problems: It eliminates the "digital echo" in DJ headphones that's caused by digital audio processing. It also prevents "dead air" by switching to an alternate audio source if the main air feed fails.




DigiMatch is "the Digital Matchbox". Not only does it convert between consumer (SPDIF) and professional (AES/EBU) digital formats, but it's also a digital distribution amplifier that gives you 6 digital outputs! Use DigiMatch 2X6 to feed your digital audio into several CD or DAT recorders, or into multiple console inputs. Never use "Y-cord" to split digital signals; use DigiMatch 2X6 to maintain proper digital levels and data integrity.


Guest Pod contains a stereo headphone amplifier, volume control and headphone jacks. Both 1/4” and 1/8” (3.5mm) jack are provided. A pair of (parallel) RJ45 jacks on each Guest Pod permit multiple units to be “daisy chain” connected to each Master unit output. As a convenience, each Guest Pod has a “cough button” and “mic-on” LED that can be wired to the user’s audio console or other equipment, although these functions are not part of the MultiPhones II system per se.

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