Eleven Rack is a revolutionary new guitar recording and effects processing system designed to eliminate the challenges guitarists have faced in the studio and on stage. Say goodbye to the lackluster guitar amp “models” of yesteryear.


Optional Colored Vinyl for SC3900 & DNS3700.


H910,H949, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, Omnipresso, Octavox, Eventide Reverb, H3000 Factory and Band Delays, EQ65 Filter Set, EQ45 Pararametric EQ, E-Channel, Ultra-Channel, Precision Time Align and Quadravox.


Comprised of the best Eventide effects from 35 years of crafting world-class effects. 9 plug-ins.


Media Card Reader/Player - MP322

Used GearBrands
omnia 11 upgrade 1.6 Audio-Technica x5 PACKAGE