IDR Hand Held Remote Control.


24 Mic/Line + 3 stereo, 20 mix outputs, digital mixer, 4 efx engines, onboard recording, USB interface, 25 x motorized faders, 16 Channel Automatic Mic Mixing, "Chrome Edition".


32 mic/line + 3 stereo, 24 mix outputs, digital mixer, 4 efx engines, onboard recording, USB interface, 33 x motorized faders 7" touch screen, 16 channel Automatic Mic Mixing, "chrome edition".


6-Button / Up-Down Cursor Wall Remote - Single Gang Box. The neWR-5 is powered via POE or a local wall-wart power supply.

The POE injector is not included.


IR Remote Control Kit for Exstreamer products.


The GPIO-32+2 interfaces 32 general purpose logic inputs and the control of two independent SPDT relays to a users PC USB port.


Latching Relay 5-- 5 pole mechanical latching relay.


5 pole mechanical latching relay w /logic functions.


Stereo or dual monaural silence sensor (loss of audio detector).  No input audio switching.


Remote site monitoring using the internet.


The Smart Relay 4 provides four independent DPDT relay and eight optically isolated 5 to 24vdc wet or dry inputs.


Serial Remote Control—16 In / 16 Out—Expandable to 64x64.


The SRC-4 is an RS-232/GPIO interface with 4 opto-isolated GPI’s and 4 SPDT relay outputs.


The VAD-4 is a voice alarm dialer with four status inputs, four relays, silence sense input, two temperature sensor inputs and power failure input.


4 Channel Web and Voice Remote Control. TempSensor Included.


The WVRC-8 Plus is the next generation web-enabled site remote control with dial-up voice capability. Has eight channels with email alarms, logging, event scheduling and macros. The WVRC-8 Plus is Smart phone enabled and included one TempSensor. Fits in a standard rack space.


Touch screen programmable remote wall controller (Black)


8 position source / preset selector, up / down pair (UK) remote wall controller


Power supply for BLU-10 / BLU-8


The ARC Solo offers many of the powerful features of the ARC Plus together with the simplicity of the ARC-16. 16 metering, 16 status, 16 relays built-in.


Autocoupler cards for AC-12. Take audio feed from busses or select individual feed on 1/4" jack.
Available Options: CP-1


Multi-bay auto-coupler chassis w/dual audio busses. Purchase one AC-1 for each telco line. Up to 12 total.
 vailable Options: AC-12 PS, AC-12 PSC, AC-12 PSE.


Option.  Additional power supply for AC-12 Europe.


Hybrid autocoupler cards for AC-12 (above). Take audio feed from busses or select bridging, active bal. local input or Active, Balanced Low-Z output. Individual I/O on depluggable screw terminals. LEDs for power, ring, online & call-end. Available Options: CP-1


2.5mm to 2.5mm cable option for MicTel or Sicon-8 to a cell phone.


Call process decoder for CW telco products on phone systems without CPC.  (Used with AC-1, HC-3, or DR-10).


Add call progress decoding to any telco product (of any manufacturer) on phone systems w/o CPC.


Option.  Standard CW power supply specify product at purchase.


Telco cable & punch block option for pREX or REX.

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