Module mount adapter for Performance Pad, , Control Pad, Trigger IO, Jamdock.


Features two Class A microphone preamps and two optical compressors from the Project Channel as well as one headphone amplifier from HeadPod4. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems. 24-bit/192kHz. Includes recording software.


Exstreamer US package (110V) package unit. IP Audio decoder with USB/Micro SD flash interface and serial port.


Exstreamer 110 US package (110V). IP Audio decoder with USB/Micro SD flash interface and serial port.


Exstreamer 200 US package (1 00-240V). The Exstreamer 20x devices decode IP Audio streams and play out the received Audio signal via a built-in amplifier to 8 Ohm speakers.


Network audio encoder for commercial, industrial and security applications Instreamer US package (110V). Convert any analog or digital audio source, including tuners and CD players, into high-quality MP3 streams. Create network-based, multi-zone or multi-room distributed audio systems more cost effectively IR control devices over the network via standard web browsers, automation software or original IR remote control.


IR Remote Control Kit for Exstreamer products.


The Denon Delta 10 is a 10" 2400 Watt (peak) 2-way active loudspeaker with wireless connectivity that is part of Denon's Delta Series of active loudspeakers and subwoofers.


The DN-300C is a 1U-sized player, capable of extremely high performance.


The DN-508S 8" Tri-Amplified 3-Way Reference Monitor is a loudspeaker with dedicated drivers for low, mid, and high frequencies.


Solid-State Compact Flash Recorder w/ Internal Web GUI


TriCaster Mini Control Surface and HDMI Cable Kit. Hands-on control over live video production, Faster, more accurate interaction than point and click, Studio-style workflow from any location. (optional item built for use with the TriCaster Mini).


Designed for do-it-yourself live video, Hundreds of built-in capabilities for switching, streaming, recording and publishing, Essential hardware and storage for streamlined workflows.


TriCaster Mini (w/ Integrated Display and 2 Internal Drives). From the office, an event, or from anywhere... with TriCaster Mini, anyone using everyday camcorders can create and publish great video content in minutes, stream it live, and make even the smallest presentation captivate audiences like network-style TV.


TriCaster Mini Bundle - includes TriCaster Mini (w/ Integrated Display and 2 Internal Drives), TriCaster Mini CS, and NewTek custom travel case.


Omnia.7 delivers the powerful, clear and precise Omnia signature sound that’s the first choice of top stations worldwide.



Single rack space, full-featured FM audio processor. Processes FM, AM, Multicast, Studio Pro, or becomes a Stereo Generator, on demand. Remarkably affordable. Amazingly versatile.


Processors for Streaming Audio Omnia ONE-Multicast Audio Processor.


Provides the processing power of the Omnia.9 in a streaming software package if you require more horsepower than the X/2. Software only, single license, no special cards required.


Z/IPStream A/XE Audio Processing/Encoding Software for PC. Single license.


Processors for Z/IPStream F/XE File-Based Processing Software for PC. Single License.


Software only, single license, no special cards required. Simultaneous MP3/AAC/aacPlus/MP2/WMA encoding, compatible with Shoutcast, Icecast, Wowza and Windows Media servers.


OPTIMOD-PC 1101e Functions identically to the OPTIMOD-PC 1101 but has a PCI Express connector.


Non Powered Mixer PV 6


Non Powered Mixer PV 8


Non Powered Mixer PV 8 USB.


Non Powered Mixer PV 6 USB.


Versatile CD Player that also lets you enjoy internet radio and subscription music services, as well as high-resolution music streaming


Genuine Omnia processing for podcasting and file origination.

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