Dual Line Digital Hybrid with Frequency Extender. 19" Rack, 1U height. The AEQ TH-03 is a digital hybrid with one or two lines of communication (TH-03.1 and TH-03.2 respectively) that allows to work with analog or digital AES/EBU audio signals (this last option by means of an additional board). The system allows you to use the frequency extension function in order to improve the audio quality on the communications through the analogue telephone line.


Three units packed in the most unique box on the market.:  Portable Mixer for ISDN and PSTN Lines. With transport bag and external Power Supply for 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz with UPS. ISDN Mode: Audio codec G.711/G.722, with Dial pad and Terminal Adapter for one B-channel (64 Kb/s). and more!


Digital Controller for systems of any size provides all inputs and outputs for everything from a simple discussion system to a complex conference system. Integrated infrared signal output, basic control software included.


Basic Microphone Station for use in discussion systems providing maximum acoustic flexibility. Choose from different length goosenecks and five microphones with various polar patterns (see discreet accoustics line).
Yes/ No Voting function included.


Rugged infrared receiver for up to 7 selectable channels, for use with headphones, e.g. AKG K77.


Small infrared transmitter providing wireless transmission of up to seven languages.


Large infrared transmitter providing wireless transmission of up to seven languages.


Interpreter Station for use with selectable mirophones. Four Input Channels selectable: Floor, two pre-selected languages, relay. For use with a gooseneck microphone (see discreet accoustics line) and separate headphones or a headset.


CS5 Conference system- System Cable - Cat5 1,25m with RJ45 connectors.


CS5 Conference system- System Cable - Cat5 10m with RJ45 connectors


System cable - Cat 5 8ft. (2.5m) with RJ45 connectors.


System cable - Cat 5 65ft. (20 m) with RJ45 connectors.


System cable - Cat5 16ft. (5m) with RJ45 connectors.


CS 5 PS 12 Power Supply w/o IEC Power Chord.


CS 5 VU Conference System Voting Microphone Station for use in voting/discussion systems providing maximum acoustic flexibility and up to 63 language channels independently selectable for two users.


Annuncicom 200 US package w/o Power Supply.


The Annuncicom 60 is a generic IP Audio device designed to serve as a gateway between IP based VoIP, Paging, Intercom systems and traditional systems or call boxes, loudspeakers and microphones.


Desktop IP Intercom and paging master station, expandable key field. PoE capable, redundant power supply.
Special Order ~ may take 8-10 weeks for delivery/


Cable set for Barix Audio products.


Exstreamer 1000 cable set.


The DTD-16 Plus is a full-featured DTMF tone/sequence decoder that is user programmable to decode single tones or sequences up to six tones in length and maybe assigned to any one of eight SPST normally open relays, eight open collectors and/or the USB serial port.


The DTE-16 Plus is a feature rich DTMF tone/sequence encoder that is user programmable to encode tone sequences up to 15 characters in length or a single tone via any one of 16 contact closure inputs and/or commands from the USB COM port.


Hybrid Interface. This is a special order item.


TT-1 Plus Telephone Line Hybrid/Coupler.


The VAD-4 is a voice alarm dialer with four status inputs, four relays, silence sense input, two temperature sensor inputs and power failure input.


Autocoupler cards for AC-12. Take audio feed from busses or select individual feed on 1/4" jack.
Available Options: CP-1


Multi-bay auto-coupler chassis w/dual audio busses. Purchase one AC-1 for each telco line. Up to 12 total.
 vailable Options: AC-12 PS, AC-12 PSC, AC-12 PSE.

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