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The D 880 M / D 880 MS is new standard in performance microphones with its specially-shaped frequency response that's designed to bring out the best in lead and backing vocals.


NanoAmps from ATI are a compact, convenient and rugged series of low cost mixers and utility amplifiers featuring professional XLR type connectors, high performance, low noise circuitry and quiet, UL and CE approved remote power modules.



The MiniFusor's shape lends itself to various wall patterns and its cavity can be filled with acoustic foam or Auralex Mineral Fiber Insulation to provide better diffusion and low frequency trapping.

LongView® IP KVM extension solutions enable you to separate and locate users and their computers anywhere on an existing LAN. This improves data security, removes computers from harsh environments and addresses limited workspace environments.


Economy, simplicity, functionality. The cost-effective alternative to Ethernet.

The AES-302 is a two input AES3 switcher/DA/decoder with silence sensor, error detector and power fail feed through.

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