Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clip


2" Offset Impaling Clips for ProPanel, Quick Installation, Compatible with Drywall Screws, Suitable for Temporary or Permanent Mounting, Use with TubeTak Pro

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• Pack of 2" offset impaling clips
• Compatible with Auralex ProPanel products
• Quick and easy installation
• Mounts to any surface using standard drywall screws (sold separately)
• Suitable for temporary and permanent mounting
• Can be used alone or with TubeTak Pro adhesive for extra security


Introducing the Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clip
The Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clip is an essential accessory for mounting ProPanel products on any surface. These clips make the installation process quick and easy, ensuring that your acoustic panels are securely placed. Designed for use with standard drywall screws (sold separately), these impaling clips provide a reliable mounting solution, whether you need a temporary setup or a permanent installation.

Easy Installation for Any Surface
Mounting your ProPanel products has never been simpler with the Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clips. These clips allow for effortless attachment of panels to walls, using standard drywall screws to ensure a secure fit. This user-friendly design makes the AFS2 clips perfect for studios, offices, home theaters, or any space where acoustic treatment is needed.

Versatile for Both Temporary and Permanent Use
The Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clips are versatile enough to accommodate both temporary and permanent installations. For temporary setups or low-traffic areas, the clips alone provide a strong and secure hold. When a more permanent solution is required, combining the impaling clips with TubeTak Pro adhesive ensures that your panels remain firmly in place, even in high-traffic environments.

Ideal for Low-Traffic Areas
For areas with low foot traffic, the Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clips are the perfect choice. These clips hold panels securely without the need for adhesives, allowing for easy removal or repositioning as needed. This flexibility is ideal for spaces where the acoustic setup may need to change frequently.

Secure Permanent Mounting with TubeTak Pro Adhesive
When you need a permanent installation, the Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clips combined with TubeTak Pro adhesive provide a robust and reliable solution. This combination ensures that your ProPanel products stay securely mounted, even in areas with high traffic or vibration, making it ideal for professional studios and commercial spaces.

Reliable and Versatile Mounting Solution
The Auralex AFS2 2" Offset Impaling Clip is a reliable and versatile solution for mounting your ProPanel products. With easy installation, compatibility with standard drywall screws, and options for temporary or permanent mounting, these clips offer a convenient and effective way to secure your acoustic panels.

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