Adaptive Technologies PIPE-150-1422 Telescoping Pipe Kit

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Adjustable 14-22" Pipe Kit with Safety Cable, Compatible with Various Mounting Systems

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  • Adjustable length from 14" to 22" for customized installations
  • Integrated safety cable ensures secure mounting
  • Compatible with Adaptive’s overhead mounting systems
  • Ideal for use with wood and metal beam clamps
  • Part of a series offering multiple length options for diverse needs

Introducing the Adaptive Technologies PIPE-150-1422 Telescoping Pipe Kit
Step into a new level of flexibility with the Adaptive Technologies PIPE-150-1422, a telescoping pipe kit that adjusts from 14 inches to 22 inches. This kit is part of the versatile PIPE-150-SERIES, designed to offer precision and adaptability in suspending items overhead. Whether for commercial, industrial, or entertainment environments, this tool is built to meet diverse installation needs with utmost reliability.

Customizable Length for Enhanced Flexibility
The PIPE-150-1422 stands out by offering adjustable lengths, which is crucial for spaces that require dynamic setup capabilities. This feature allows installers to modify the drop length based on the specific requirements of each project, ensuring that each installation is both efficient and tailored to precise specifications.

Robust Design with Integrated Safety
Crafted with safety and durability in mind, the PIPE-150-1422 includes a safety cable that guarantees secure suspensions. This kit ensures that once an item is mounted, it remains firmly in place, providing added security to both installers and users. The robust construction also means that the kit can withstand the demands of frequent adjustments and long-term use.

Seamless Compatibility for Various Applications
This telescoping pipe kit is compatible with an array of mounting products from Adaptive Technologies, including unistrut mounting systems and clamps for both wood and metal beams. This versatility makes the PIPE-150-1422 an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, enhancing its utility across different types of installations.

Choose the Perfect Size for Your Needs
Adaptive Technologies offers several lengths in the PIPE-150-SERIES to accommodate different spatial needs and project sizes. From the smaller PIPE-150-1015 to the larger PIPE-150-2543, users can select the optimal length that best suits their specific requirements, making it a flexible solution for various professional environments.

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