Dielectric 1000 TLS-115VAC (R94744) Air Dryer for Transmission Line


Ensure crisp, dry air for small-volume needs with the TLS Series: self-contained compressor dehydrators designed for efficiency

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1000 TLS-115VAC (R94744)


  • Capable of delivering dry air at a consistent -40°F dew point, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your system
  • Designed to operate on both 115VAC and 230VAC, making it suitable for a wide range of installations
  • With dimensions that make it a perfect fit for any setup, and a weight that ensures easy installation
  • Equipped with a 1/3 HP ROC piston compressor for the 1000 TLS model, ensuring efficient air drying
  • Provides a flexible outlet pressure range, catering to various operational requirements

Revolutionize Your Transmission Lines
Upgrade the efficiency and reliability of your transmission lines with the Dielectric 1000 TLS-115VAC air dryer. Designed for the demands of microwave, radar systems, and broadcast transmission lines, the Dielectric 1000 TLS Series dehydrators are your solution for preventing moisture-related issues. Their tankless design not only economizes space but leverages the existing volume of your coaxial or waveguide systems for air storage.

Optimized Performance
Dielectric's compressor dehydrators are engineered to deliver up to 1000 SCFD of dry air, maintaining a constant dew point of -40°F to protect your equipment against moisture. These units are versatile, supporting both 115VAC and 230VAC power supplies, and are built with robust compressors to ensure long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Applications & Benefits
The Dielectric TLS Series air dryers are ideal for small-volume applications, offering significant advantages for microwave, radar, and broadcast transmission lines. Their tankless design not only reduces the need for additional storage but also ensures a compact and efficient system that is easy to install and maintain. With their ability to deliver dry air efficiently, these dehydrators are critical in maximizing the performance and durability of your transmission systems.

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MPN 1000 TLS-115VAC (R94744)
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