Dielectric CIF-HT8D12F-30K 30 kW Low Power Filter - Non Critical 6 Pole & 8 Pole


Improve your broadcast quality with Dielectric CIF-HT8D12F-30K: a 30 kW Filter for 6 pole & 8 pole systems, ensuring clear signal transmission

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  • Suitable for 30 kW power levels in low power broadcasting
  • Compatible with both non-critical 6 pole and 8 pole systems
  • Engineered to improve signal clarity and broadcasting performance
  • Durable construction guarantees sustained reliability

Upgrade Your Broadcast Signal with Advanced Filtration
Introducing the Dielectric CIF-HT8D12F-30K, a 30 kW Low Power Filter designed for the modern broadcaster. This filter is engineered to work seamlessly with both non-critical 6 pole and 8 pole configurations, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency in signal management.

Optimized for Clarity and Performance
The CIF-HT8D12F-30K is your solution to achieving crystal-clear signal quality. Whether you're broadcasting on FM, VHF, or UHF frequencies, this filter ensures your content is transmitted without interference, making every broadcast as clear as it was intended to be.

Versatile Application Across Broadcasting Mediums
Tailored for low power applications, the CIF-HT8D12F-30K adapts to a variety of broadcasting scenarios. From small community radio stations to large-scale television broadcasts, this filter is designed to enhance signal quality and performance, regardless of the platform.

Built for Durability, Designed for Reliability
With its robust construction, the CIF-HT8D12F-30K promises long-lasting reliability. It stands up to the demands of continuous operation, ensuring your broadcast system maintains peak performance day in and day out.

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