Dielectric DCR-C1 w/DEICERS DCR-C Series


Experience unmatched broadcast quality with Dielectric DCR-C Series: High-power, 3 1/8" input, 0.46 GAIN, supporting up to 10kW for superior clarity

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DCR-C1 w-Deicers


  • High-power capability up to 10kW for impactful broadcasting
  • 3 1/8" input size, compatible with a wide range of systems
  • 0.46 GAIN for enhanced signal reach and quality
  • Equipped with deicers, ideal for maintaining performance in cold weather
  • Designed for durability and continuous operation

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Broadcasts with DCR-C1 and Deicers
Discover the power of Dielectric DCR-C1, part of the esteemed DCR-C Series, now equipped with deicers for uninterrupted performance. This high-power broadcasting tool boasts a 3 1/8" input, 0.46 GAIN, and a capability to handle up to 10kW, ensuring your broadcasts cut through with clarity and strength, even in the coldest conditions.

Designed for Reliability in All Weather
The addition of deicers to the DCR-C1 makes it a formidable choice for broadcasters facing harsh winter climates. Keep your signal strong and clear, as the deicers work to prevent ice buildup that can affect performance and signal integrity.

Engineered for Excellence
The DCR-C1 with deicers is not just about maintaining performance in cold weather; it's about enhancing your broadcasting capabilities. With its high-power design and significant gain, this device ensures your content reaches further, with unparalleled clarity.

A Versatile Tool for Broadcasters
Whether you're managing a local news channel, a national radio station, or a streaming service, the Dielectric DCR-C1 adapts to your unique requirements. Its robust build and innovative features make it a versatile asset in any broadcasting setup.

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MPN DCR-C1 w/Deicers
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