Dielectric DCR-C10 w/RADOMES DCR-C Series


Boost your broadcast reach with the DCR-C Series: High-power capabilities, 3 1/8" input, 5.5 GAIN, and up to 40kW for superior signal clarity

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DCR-C10 w-Radomes


  • High-power handling up to 40kW for extensive coverage
  • 3 1/8" input and 5.5 GAIN for superior signal clarity
  • Equipped with radomes for enhanced antenna protection
  • Suitable for a broad spectrum of broadcasting applications
  • Durable design ensures reliability and longevity

Broadcast with Confidence: DCR-C10 Enhanced with Radomes
Introducing the Dielectric DCR-C10 from the DCR-C Series, now equipped with radomes for ultimate signal protection. This powerhouse delivers high-power performance with a 3 1/8" input, 5.5 GAIN, and a capacity of 40kW, designed to ensure your broadcast reaches far and wide with unparalleled clarity.

Shielded for Superior Performance
The integration of radomes with the DCR-C10 marks a significant advancement in broadcasting technology. These protective shields are engineered to safeguard your antenna from environmental hazards while maintaining signal integrity, allowing you to broadcast confidently under any conditions.

A New Benchmark in Broadcasting
The DCR-C10 with radomes sets a new standard for high-power broadcasting, combining robust power handling with advanced signal protection. It's the ideal solution for broadcasters aiming for excellence in signal quality and reliability.

Versatile Across All Platforms
Tailored for versatility, the DCR-C10 is perfect for a range of broadcasting applications, from FM and VHF to digital streaming. Its high GAIN and power capacity make it a formidable tool for delivering content with clarity and precision.

Built to Last, Designed to Perform
Constructed with durability and performance in mind, the DCR-C10 ensures long-term reliability and consistent operation. The addition of radomes adds an extra layer of protection, guaranteeing your broadcasting equipment remains in peak condition.

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MPN DCR-C10 w/Radomes
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