Dielectric DCR-C12 w/DEICERS DCR-C Series Highpower


Unlock powerful broadcasting with the DCR-C Series: 40kW high-power, 3 1/8" input, 6.6 GAIN for unparalleled signal strength and clarity

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DCR-C12 w Deicers


  • High-power handling up to 40kW for extensive broadcast range
  • 3 1/8" input size for compatibility with a wide range of equipment
  • 6.6 GAIN for enhanced signal strength and clarity
  • Equipped with deicers for reliable performance in cold weather
  • Durable design ensures longevity and consistent operation


Upgrade Your Broadcasting Capabilities with the DCR-C12 and Deicers
Introducing the Dielectric DCR-C12 from the DCR-C Series, now enhanced with deicers for unparalleled performance in cold weather conditions. This powerhouse is designed for high-power broadcasting, featuring a 3 1/8" input, 6.6 GAIN, and a 40kW capacity. It’s engineered to deliver your content with exceptional clarity and reach, no matter the weather.

Uninterrupted Performance in Harsh Conditions
With the addition of deicers, the DCR-C12 ensures that ice build-up is no longer a concern, allowing for uninterrupted broadcasts even in the coldest climates. This feature is essential for maintaining signal quality and reliability, making the DCR-C12 a must-have for broadcasters facing diverse environmental challenges.

A New Standard in High-Power Broadcasting
The DCR-C12 sets a new benchmark for what broadcasters can expect in terms of power and performance. Its impressive 6.6 GAIN amplifies your signal to new heights, ensuring wide coverage and unparalleled clarity for your audience.

Versatile and Reliable
Adaptable to various broadcasting needs, the DCR-C12 is ideal for radio, television, and digital streaming services. Its robust construction and high-power capabilities make it a versatile tool in any broadcast setup.

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MPN DCR-C12 w/Deicers
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