Dielectric DCR-C12 w/RADOMES DCR-C Series Highpower, 3 1/8 input 6.6 GAIN 40kW


Enhance your broadcast reach with DCR-C Series: 40kW high-power, 3 1/8" input, 6.6 GAIN for crystal-clear, far-reaching transmissions

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DCR-C12 w Radomes


  • High-power handling up to 40kW for broad broadcasting range
  • 3 1/8" input for wide compatibility
  • 6.6 GAIN for enhanced signal strength and quality
  • Equipped with radomes for superior environmental protection
  • Durable construction for reliability and longevity

Broadcast with Unmatched Clarity: DCR-C12 Featuring Radomes
Discover the Dielectric DCR-C12, a standout in the DCR-C Series, now equipped with radomes for enhanced signal protection. Designed for high-power broadcasting, this model boasts a 3 1/8" input and 6.6 GAIN, capable of handling up to 40kW. It’s the ultimate solution for broadcasters seeking exceptional clarity and reach.

Radomes: The Shield Against the Elements
The addition of radomes to the DCR-C12 provides a robust shield, safeguarding your broadcasting equipment from environmental hazards while maintaining the integrity of your signal. This feature ensures that your broadcasts can withstand the elements, delivering clear and consistent content to your audience.

A Leap in Broadcasting Technology
The DCR-C12 sets a new standard in broadcasting, offering superior performance with its high GAIN and power capabilities. Whether you’re covering vast distances or ensuring the fidelity of your signal, this device is engineered to meet the demands of professional broadcasting environments.

Versatility Across the Spectrum
Tailored for a wide range of applications, the DCR-C12 is perfect for radio, television, and digital streams. Its high-power output and protective radomes make it a versatile choice for any broadcast scenario, ensuring your message is delivered with precision and clarity.

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MPN DCR-C12 w/Radomes
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