Dielectric DCR-C3 w/DEICERS DCR-C Series


Drive your broadcast further with DCR-C Series: 30kW high-power, 3 1/8" input, 1.5 GAIN, for unparalleled signal clarity and range

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DCR-C3 w Deicers


  • Capable of handling high power up to 30kW for extensive broadcasting reach
  • 3 1/8" input for broad compatibility with broadcasting equipment
  • 1.5 GAIN for enhanced signal strength and quality
  • Equipped with deicers for optimal performance in cold weather
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and reliability in all conditions

Supercharge Your Broadcasts with DCR-C3 and Deicers
Step up to the next level of broadcasting with the Dielectric DCR-C3 from the DCR-C Series, now equipped with deicers for ultimate performance. Boasting a high-power capacity of 30kW, a 3 1/8" input, and 1.5 GAIN, this device is engineered for broadcasters seeking to enhance their reach and clarity, especially in cold weather conditions.

Uninterrupted Clarity in Every Season
The inclusion of deicers in the DCR-C3 ensures that your broadcasts maintain the highest quality, regardless of freezing temperatures. This feature is indispensable for keeping your signal strong and clear, making it a reliable choice for year-round operation.

A Leap in Broadcasting Power and Precision
With its 30kW capacity and 1.5 GAIN, the DCR-C3 is designed to amplify your broadcast signal, ensuring expansive coverage and exceptional audio and video quality. Whether you’re reaching out to local audiences or broadcasting on a national scale, this device provides the power and precision you need.

Versatile and Robust for Professional Use
Adaptability is key in the broadcasting industry, and the DCR-C3 is built to meet a wide range of broadcasting scenarios. From radio to television and digital platforms, it ensures your content is delivered with unparalleled clarity.

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MPN DCR-C3 w/Deicers
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