Dielectric DCR-C5 DCR-C Series


Enhance your broadcast reach with DCR-C Series: 40kW power, 3 1/8" input, 2.7 GAIN, for superior signal clarity and extensive coverage

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  • High-power handling capability up to 40kW for broad and powerful broadcasting reach
  • 3 1/8" input for compatibility with a wide range of transmission lines
  • 2.7 GAIN for enhanced signal clarity and extension, ensuring superior broadcast quality
  • Ideal for a variety of broadcasting needs, offering both flexibility and high performance
  • Constructed for durability, ensuring reliable operation and longevity

Broadcast Brilliance with DCR-C5
Introducing the Dielectric DCR-C5, a beacon in the DCR-C Series, designed for those who demand more from their broadcasting equipment. With a high-power capability of 40kW, a robust 3 1/8" input, and an impressive 2.7 GAIN, this device ensures your signal transcends ordinary limits, reaching your audience with unmatched clarity and strength. It's the ideal choice for broadcasters seeking to amplify their reach and impact.

A New Benchmark in Broadcasting
The DCR-C5 sets a new standard for performance with its unparalleled 2.7 GAIN, providing broadcasters with the ability to transmit signals over greater distances without sacrificing quality. This high-power unit is your gateway to superior broadcast quality, ensuring your content is received loud and clear.

Versatile Across All Platforms
Whether it’s for radio, television, or digital streaming, the DCR-C5’s versatility makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of broadcasting applications. Its high-power output and significant GAIN ensure that it can handle a diverse range of content types, delivering each with exceptional fidelity.

Durability Meets High Performance
Crafted for continuous operation, the DCR-C5 combines durable construction with cutting-edge technology. This ensures that broadcasters can rely on this unit for long-term performance, making it a valuable asset in any professional broadcasting setup.

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