Dielectric DCR-C6 DCR-C Series


Unlock unmatched broadcast quality with DCR-C Series: 40kW power, 3 1/8" input, 3.2 GAIN, ensuring extensive reach and crystal-clear signals

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  • Capable of handling up to 40kW, perfect for high-power broadcasting needs
  • 3 1/8" input size for broad compatibility with various transmission systems
  • 3.2 GAIN for superior signal clarity and extended reach
  • Ideal for a multitude of broadcasting platforms, ensuring versatility
  • Built for durability, ensuring a lasting addition to your broadcasting setup

Upgrade Your Broadcasting Power with DCR-C6
Introducing the Dielectric DCR-C6, a pivotal addition to the DCR-C Series, engineered for broadcasters seeking to expand their reach and enhance signal clarity. With a highpower capability of 40kW, a 3 1/8" input, and an exceptional 3.2 GAIN, the DCR-C6 is designed to deliver your content further and more clearly than ever before. It stands as a testament to cutting-edge broadcasting technology, ready to transform how you connect with your audience.

Unprecedented Clarity and Reach
The DCR-C6 sets a new benchmark in broadcasting performance, offering a remarkable 3.2 GAIN to ensure your signal penetrates further into your audience's space with unparalleled clarity. This model is crafted for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best in their broadcasting endeavors.

Versatile Application Across Media Platforms
Whether your focus is on radio, television, or digital streaming, the DCR-C6's versatile design and powerful output make it an excellent choice for a wide array of broadcasting needs. Its ability to handle 40kW ensures that your content is delivered with the fidelity and strength needed to stand out in today's competitive media landscape.

Durability Meets Advanced Technology
Constructed with the highest quality materials and designed to endure the demands of continuous operation, the DCR-C6 promises longevity and reliability. This durability, coupled with advanced technological features, ensures that your investment continues to enhance your broadcasting capabilities for years to come.

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