Dielectric DCR-C6 w/DEICERS DCR-C Series


Boost your broadcast reach with the DCR-C Series: 40kW power, 3 1/8" input, 3.2 GAIN, for unparalleled signal clarity and expansive coverage

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DCR-C6 w Deicers


  • High-power output of up to 40kW for extensive broadcasting reach
  • 3 1/8" input offers compatibility with a wide array of systems
  • 3.2 GAIN for superior signal strength and clarity
  • Integrated deicers ensure performance reliability in cold weather
  • Built for durability, guaranteeing long-term, high-quality performance

Revolutionize Broadcasting with DCR-C6 and Deicers
Discover the Dielectric DCR-C6, the latest innovation in the DCR-C Series, now enhanced with deicers for optimal performance in all weather conditions. Boasting a high-power capability of 40kW, a versatile 3 1/8" input, and an impressive 3.2 GAIN, this equipment is designed for broadcasters seeking to push the limits of reach and clarity. It represents a significant leap forward in broadcasting technology, ensuring your message is delivered with unmatched fidelity.

Weather No Obstacle
Equipped with deicers, the DCR-C6 ensures that ice and snow are no longer a concern, maintaining clear, uninterrupted broadcasts even in the harshest conditions. This feature is crucial for broadcasters who need reliability and consistency in their transmission, no matter the weather.

A New Era of Clarity and Reach
With a 3.2 GAIN, the DCR-C6 is engineered to amplify your signal beyond conventional boundaries, ensuring that your content is heard loud and clear across vast distances. This model is a powerhouse, designed to enhance the quality and impact of your broadcasts, making it an invaluable tool for any serious broadcaster.

Versatile for All Broadcasting Needs
The DCR-C6 is not just powerful; it's also versatile. Whether you're covering live events, broadcasting news, or streaming entertainment, this unit's high-power output and significant GAIN make it suitable for a broad range of applications, delivering content with exceptional clarity.

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MPN DCR-C6 w/Deicers
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