Omnia 3001-00296-605 Five Year TelosCare PLUS SLA for Omnia.9 mMPX Encoder License


Secure a 5-year SLA for Omnia.9 mMPX Encoder License for uninterrupted support and updates, ensuring superior broadcast quality

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  • Five-year extension of the TelosCare PLUS SLA
  • Priority support from audio broadcasting experts
  • Regular updates and improvements to the mMPX Encoder
  • Designed for broadcasters prioritizing quality and efficiency

Optimize Your Broadcasts with Omnia.9 mMPX
Unlock unparalleled audio quality over the next five years with the Omnia 3001-00296-605 Five-Year TelosCare PLUS SLA for Omnia.9 mMPX Encoder License. This comprehensive service agreement empowers your broadcasting setup with the latest in mMPX encoding technology, ensuring your broadcasts are delivered with exceptional clarity and efficiency.

Dedicated Support for Cutting-Edge Broadcasting
Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have priority access to our team of experts, dedicated to supporting your use of the Omnia.9 mMPX Encoder. Whether it's technical issues or optimization strategies, our specialists are here to keep your operations smooth and your broadcasts sounding their best.

Leverage Advanced Technology for Audience Reach
The Omnia.9 mMPX Encoder License is designed for broadcasters seeking to expand their reach without compromising on sound quality. With this five-year SLA, ensure your broadcasts leverage advanced encoding techniques to deliver high-fidelity audio over minimal bandwidth.

Stay Ahead with Continuous Updates
Benefit from ongoing enhancements to your Omnia.9 mMPX Encoder, keeping your system at the forefront of broadcasting technology. These updates are crucial for adapting to new trends and ensuring your broadcasts resonate with your audience.

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MPN 3001-00296-605
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