StudioHub 991013E


StudioHub 991013E: The 230VAC/EU power supply ensures your studio equipment runs flawlessly, designed specifically for audio professionals in Europe

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Features: Reliable Studio Power Solution

  • Designed for 230VAC with European plug standards
  • Essential for a wide range of studio equipment
  • Delivers consistent, dependable power for audio professionals
  • Built to ensure uninterrupted sound production and broadcasting
  • Durable construction for long-term studio use

Empower Your Studio with StudioHub
Introducing the StudioHub 991013E, your go-to 230VAC/EU power solution, expertly designed to fuel your studio equipment with unparalleled efficiency. Perfect for the European audio professional, this power supply unit ensures your gear operates at its best, delivering stable and reliable power essential for high-quality sound production and broadcasting.

European Design for Optimal Performance
Specially crafted for the demands of the European market, the StudioHub 991013E seamlessly integrates into any studio setup, providing the power backbone for mixers, amplifiers, processors, and more. Its commitment to reliability and durability makes it an indispensable part of your audio production toolkit.

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MPN 991013E
Brand StudioHub
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