StudioHub 991014E Breakout Box - No XLR Connectors


Discover the ultimate in studio customization with a breakout box designed for flexibility, allowing you to choose your own XLR connectors

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  • Customizable front panel for tailored connector configurations
  • Rear StudioHub+ connectors for comprehensive equipment integration
  • AES-59 (DB25) and AES-72 connectors for a wide range of digital connections
  • Available in four adaptable XLR patterns, providing options for every studio layout
  • 1RU rackmount design maximizes space efficiency while maintaining accessibility

Unlock Ultimate Flexibility with StudioHub
Introducing the StudioHub 991014E Breakout Box, a groundbreaking solution for studios seeking the pinnacle of connectivity without the limitations of fixed XLR connectors. This 1RU rackmount panel is the epitome of adaptability, providing a blank slate for audio professionals to customize their setup according to specific project needs or equipment configurations.

Design Your Own Connectivity
The absence of pre-installed XLR connectors on the StudioHub 991014E opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to configure connections that perfectly align with your studio's workflow. This level of customization ensures that you can create an environment that is both efficient and tailored to the unique demands of your audio production tasks.

Seamless Integration and Expansion
Beyond its customizable front panel, the StudioHub 991014E features rear-mounted StudioHub+ connectors, alongside AES-59 (DB25) and AES-72 connectors, offering extensive compatibility and the ability to connect XLR to virtually any device. Available in four distinct XLR patterns, this breakout box is designed to evolve with your studio, accommodating future expansions or changes with ease.

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MPN 991014E
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